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About the Course

Together we will do some meditations, abundance exercises and clearings, to blast away stagnation and dedicate our energies to creating more abundance for ourselves Week 1 - Preparing for abundance.

We consider the idea that we have unlimited potential, the infinite source of abundance, how consciousness and the mind affects the flow of abundance, and how we can more deeply understand that abundance is a divine right.

Week 2 - Exploring how abundance relates to the 7 laws of spiritual success.

We are introduced to the law of pure potentiality; what is exactly possible? Also, the Law of Dharma; how can we increase abundance in our lives by serving humanity with our unique skills and talents?

Week 3 - Practical aspects of abundance through living in abundance.

We are introduced to the concept of synchrodestiny, how we must consciously manifest our destiny by harnessing  the power of intention and meaningful coincidence, the importance of living gratefully in a manner that is carefree and with love and in unity, and how to create an environment of abundance around us.

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21 Days

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