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Ready to co-create brilliance?


How Ascending Light can tranform your life or business?


Training & Coaching

The Youngest Female Chinese Transformational Trainer

An ICF-certified coach and HKMAAL-accredited general mediator, committed to a strengths-based approach, dedicated to unlocking your potential and driving impactful growth.


Interpretation &Translation

300+ Professional Interpretations in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin

Specialized in interpretation for over 300 training sessions, webinars, and conferences, offering services that go beyond language translation to include an understanding of cultural contexts, ensuring messages are conveyed with depth and nuance.


Trilingual Emcee & Model

IFSM World Final
1st Runner-up

Transitioning from the camera lens of a newsroom to the stage of the International Fashion Supermodel Contest, the achievement of World 1st runner-up and Hong Kong champion is a fusion of hosting talent and unique charisma, where professionalism and warmth coexist.

​過往客戶 Previous Collaborations

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“I wanna say Thank You.Back then, you were my transformational coach, and it was you who taught me how to be confident and self-assured. You challenged me to confront the things I was resisting, and from that day on, I knew you were someone I needed to learn from. You will always be my coach.”

- Leonardo

“Jasmine, thank you for inspiring so many thoughts in me. I've started to communicate with more mutual respect with my family, engaging in conversations and listening attentively to what others have to say. This has even carried over to my work, where I've become closer and more amicable with my colleagues.”

- Howard Au

"Thank you, Jasmine! In these two hours, I've become aware of how I've been closing off, fixating, and repressing myself lately. I've always been shrinking back in fear because I think too much and fill my mind with negative emotions, unwilling to open up. Recently, I've been trying to calm myself down and readjust my thoughts... I hope to continue using these relaxation techniques to awaken myself. Grateful for you, Jasmine."

- Zhang Siyuan

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