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ICF 認證教練 | 導師 | HKMAAL 認可綜合調解員

Jasmine Yick, an ICF-certified coach, transformative trainer, and trilingual interpreter, embodies a rare blend of expertise and passion. Her diverse experiences and pursuit of excellence have led her to become the youngest female Chinese transformational trainer in the industry. Over the years, she has supported over ten thousand students from mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong in discovering new possibilities in life and achieving breakthroughs in their behaviours, mindset, and outcomes through highly interactive methods that blend innovation and practicality.


Jasmine's extensive experience in providing consecutive interpretation for over 300 training sessions has honed her ability to navigate different cultural contexts and convey speakers' intended messages effectively. Her background as a mainstream media anchor and journalist enhances her skill in quickly processing and presenting information, making her interpretation, coaching, and training sessions both engaging and effective. Accredited as a general mediator by HKMAAL, Jasmine is adept in conflict resolution, further enriching her professional expertise. Additionally, her bachelor's degree in business administration, with a specialization in Marketing, gives her a deep understanding of market trends and consumer behaviour, enabling her to customize training programs for diverse individual and organizational needs.


Her belief in maximizing strengths has been proven through her own accomplishments, including winning multiple awards in the International Fashion Supermodel Contest, as well as the Apple Daily Action News Anchor Competition and the HSBC/McKinsey Business Case Competition.


In 2020, she founded Ascending Light Holdings Limited to carry forward the wisdom of her master mentors and incorporate mindfulness, providing more diverse coaching and training services for individuals and businesses like HSBC, AKSO HK, HKNS, Hong Kong Cycling School and Modern Etiquette Institute. Jasmine also enjoys singing and works as a trilingual emcee, and she loves traveling to different countries to experience local customs and culture.

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